13 Best Motivational Songs for Cycling

You are getting ready for your big race or you are going to train hard today? Hey… you cannot go just like that! The best performance needs the best motivation.

And this is why I put together the most energetic and epic motivational songs out there. I tried to include different genres but all of them will tune you up for winning…

I think all the riders are singing themself some song during riding and it really helps to build a tempo and even forget the pain… find your mantra that helps you in the hardest moments, remember why you are doing what you are doing and sing to yourself.

You are getting on your bike and you know that nobody can beat you because -you are the anti-crist-


The race has started and suddenly heavy rain starts but you don’t stop, you go even faster with every single drop because -now you know only you can stop the rain!-


First few riders got to escape but the race has only started for you –cause you are the champion and they gonna hear you ROAR-


Here comes the hardest climb. Everybody is exhausted but you know that -7 nation army couldn’t hold you back-


You are standing up from the saddle and you escaped from the bunch. You are -risin’ up, straight to the top … went the distance now you are not gonna stop, just a man and his will to survive…-


and you know you -can’t stop-


You pulled yourself to the leading group and you reached the top with them and now you need to downhill like this guy:

Sail – Awolnation


Your downhill was tremendous you are riding solo on the front but you need to keep going against the wind as the bunch is catching you up. There is still 20 kilometers to go. -what’s in your head? ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE-


Now you got angry -make it burn them!-


Last 10 kilometers you need to give the best of you! but you already know that -they won’t get you- (Dave Zabriskie claimed he was singing this song to himself when he won a solo breakaway during the Tour of Spain a couple of years back…)

Out ta’ get me – Guns N’ Roses


You are 30 seconds ahead and it’s the last kilometer, you only need to -carry on-


And you know that -you will be victorious-


And you are…

For a next blog post I will list the best songs for your tempo training so subscribe not to miss it… If you are not satisfied with this choice of songs raise your voice below. (And I am definitely missing some good rock-n-roll so let me know what should I add)

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