Bicycle as an Interior Decoration? Some Inspiration...

Fixie Bike Shell

I love the idea of a bike not being a disturbing element in your flat but rather a modern urban trophy hanging from your wall... Why not to instal your vintage bike, fixie, your best piece (or all of them) as an interior decoration?

I was touched with some nice ideas of holders and interior designs I've seen over last few years... And I was so jealous at anybody not living in a center having a flat big enough to hang a bike as a decoration... but as you will see some of the holders, racks and designs as possible to use even in a tiny room... Anyway, enjoy this gallery I gathered from some other blogs and get some inspiration... (I only need to get rid of one big cupboard and hang my bikes too :)


Bike Tropheys


Bike Shelf


Source: Mini Penny

Bike Clothes Hanger
Source: ???




Bicycle gallery in a living room

Source of the first image:


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