My Bike Challenge: Brighton to Paris on a Bike for Two

From wining Tour de France to going more often to work on a bike all of us have some personal bike challenges… This is why I want to start a “series” on Bikestein with personal challenges of our readers. It can be really anything showing your love to biking. Share with us your big and small challenges and show us that all of us are able to push our limits a little bit just for the joy of riding!

I would like to open this “series” with a story by Frances and Nigel who are not thinking only about themselves with their next Bike Challenge…

Frances and Nigel on a Bike for Two

My husband and I are keen cyclists. We cycle for fun and spend a lot of time doing it. But I suppose the way we get from A to B is quite unique, because like most things we do in life; we do it together ­ on a bicycle made for two!

I am 56 years old and my husband, Nigel, is 58. We have been married for 27 years and have always enjoyed cycling. I think it is fair to say that Nigel has always been the stronger cyclist and so when my knees began to feel the strain of the many miles of pedaling, we decided that tandem riding was the way to go.

We have been lucky enough to enjoy a range of cycling challenges on our tandem over the years, from Brighton to Paris to cycling from Brighton  to London and back again in one day. So when a Fundraising Officer asked Nigel and I for ideas to help Brighton Housing Trust, it seemed natural to think of cycling.

On the 21st June 2014, we will be embarking on the challenge of a lifetime­ we will be cycling 143 miles from Brighton to Paris on the longest day of the year. The one day, ultimate bike ride, will be a test of stamina and endurance but I think we are ready for it.

We are so excited about the challenge. It’s a beautiful, scenic route that will take us from Brighton, over the Channel, through the scenic Seine valley and to the Eiffel Tower before nightfall.

bike for two
Our bike for two

Challenge for Us, Help for Others

This isn’t an easy challenge, but we wanted to do something that will really leave us feeling a sense of achievement when we finally cross the finish line. Cycling from Brighton to Paris in one day will certainly do that!

We will fundraising for First Base Day Centre, a Brighton Housing Trust project that works with homeless men and women; helping them to move on from homelessness with a range of advice, support, education and training.

Both Nigel and I have been really impressed by the charities approach to their work; dealing with not just the effects of homelessness but the causes too, so that people can move on from homelessness and never look back.

bike for two
Here is Niguel next to our bike

What About Joining Us?

The charity has ten places available for the ultimate cycle challenge. If you think this one might be for you then get in touch with Liz Davies, BHT’s Fundraising Officer on 01273 645464 or by email at or on Twitter at @LizDaviesBHT.

We look forward to meeting you for the challenge of a life time! Although we warn you that our experience of ‘challenges of a lifetime’ is that they become addictive, and you end up repeating them every year.

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