Sept 24 Commuter Bike Build

The new bike went together well. Aside from a pooched bottom bracket and the replacement of a spoke, there were no other unanticipated issues. Considering the frame and most of the parts are an average of 25 years old, I am pretty happy. And why shouldn't I be? Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of hardtail mountain bikes and city/commuter bikes for sale with all kinds of complex parts waiting to fail after one commuting season. The frame and 90% of parts I've put together have already been at work for 16 years and most will do fine for another 5+ seasons. Why most modern parts aren't this durable should make consumers wonder about the products that are being marketed today.

In my view too much emphasis has been put on light weight and “lean manufacturing processes”. Add to that, that many bikes try to introduce “racing” elements, adding unneeded complexity, and you get products that have planned redundancy, anticipated failure rates, and the “it's cheaper to buy a new one than fix it” mentality written all over them. (This reality will be one of the ongoing themes of my blog)

So the ride. Once up to speed, the “little blue wonder” rolls quite fast and holds a good line. Compared to the cyclocross bike I was using through the summer, its a bit boring but does allow me to roll into, through and over stuff that I would otherwise try to avoid. There is a safety benefit to that, although there is also safety in speed.

You will see in the pictures from my next post, the bike has Mustache handlebars and barcon shifters, very elegant. However, the position is too low considering the fact that I am not wearing lycra and not hoping to improve on the 11 minute personal record I have for my main commuting route. So off with the tape, and I'll have to remove the shifters and brake levers as well (0-:) (Photo: before and after) Down with aerodynamics!!!  

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Bike Baca

I am an expat American who has lived in Slovakia for 7 years. I am a regular bike commuter, and enjoy the great Mountain Biking in Western Slovakia. Road riding is becoming increasingly pleasant and viable...and it helps a lot when preparing for the very active Mtb race circut here.