9 Practical Tips For Cycling In Rain…

Usually I don’t do this but today I went biking even when drizzling… and it wasn’t worse than a light rain during the whole ride (somehow I felt that it won’t start to rain too much and I was right…). However, there’s some magic in cycling in rain…

Even when I used to race I loved racing in rain… of course most of the time it was quite cold as wearing a jacket would slow me down… so the best feeling at all was to ride behind another rider and trying to catch water splashing from his back wheel… it was SOOO WARM! 🙂


So why you might change your mind and start biking in rain?

  • It’s a challenge
  • It’s so easy to follow your training plan if you don’t care about rain
  • No need to take a shower after a ride
  • You don’t feel too hot
  • A hot tea after ride tastes the best (and you are allowed to add a bit of rum too)
  • It’s so romantic!


Here Are Some Tips To Survive Rain

Watch out when it starts to rain. It doesn’t look so but the road is the most slippery – even more whet it’s full of water. It’s because of dust mixed with some water that creates a slippery layer on the road.

Turns: Watch out there! A good tip is not to use your front brake at all once you start sloping… I have learnt this by experience… you can imagine 🙂

Clothes: Use neoprene shoe covers, a rain jacket (or if you are commuting there is a special rain coat that you can also put over your handlebars to keep your legs relatively dry), glasses! or a cycling hat under your helmet to cover your eyes…

Waterproof pants are a great tip by “Team Estrogen” Have you tried it?

Fenders: Use a winter bike with fenders for riding in the rain. Fenders will save you from getting wet and you will save your racing bike too.

Light: Always use a front and a back light as the visibility is much much lover when raining.

Think of your phone – I bet you don’t want it to get too wet… use a special waterproof cover, put it into a waterproof bag below your seat or if not just put it to your pants… You can even take out the battery.

If you don’t want to get sick the most important are the first minutes after the ride… The procedure goes like this. Remember it 🙂 1. Get water ready for a tea 2. Prepare a bath 3. Put a tea bag into the water 4.Take a HOT SHOWER 5. Drink the tea… Follow these steps and nothing can happen to you… (PS: If you are really really wet you might be allowed to add a drop of rum into the tea…)

I don’t need to tell you to watch a weather forecast do I? So if it looks risky just don’t go too far.


So Are You #CyclingInTheRain or You Are a #RainWheenie?

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