Eiffel Bike: The Only Piece in The World

The Eifel Bike or just C-Thru? The turn of the last 20thcentury gave birth to many innovations. In combination, mass produced steel, steam power, as well as Space frame and cantileverstructures, enabled engineering colossi likeBrunel and Eiffel to change forever, the scope of both the imagined and the lived world. Oceans were to be crossed at speed, canyons and rivers spanned, hills overshadowed and finally, entering the 20th century, the skies were set to be conquered. To achieve these firsts, required the strength of steel, but even more critical it required unlocking the power and strength of geometry, to design structures that distributed loads and forces across the same materials in multiple planes.

The cantilever beam, suspended structures, and space frame designs….

c-thru eiffel bike

c-thru eiffel carbo bike prototypc-thru eiffel carbo bike prototypc-thru eiffel carbo bike prototyp


“As a bicycle designer, I’d been thinking for a long time about using a space framed structure to build a bicycle.” The result of the idea is this carbon composite C-Thru road frame. The structure of the frame is completely made from solid carbon fiber rods, except for titanium rear dropouts and 7075 aluminum alloy inserts for the BB and the headset cups.

During construction, all the rods were bonded together in the frame jig, with systematic and precise control of the position and alignment in the structure and the overall geometry of the frame. Once all carbon rods were bonded together with special epoxy resin, each joint was lashed with carbon fibers to ensure their strength. “This was almost surgical work, requiring a lot of patience. Did I mention patience?”

The critical parts of this frame were the connections at the main “tubes”, mainly head tube and BB area, so I paid a lot of attention to these areas. Then, each joint was softly sanded to have a smooth shape. On the frame there are more than 300 joints, this painstaking process required about 300 hours of the builders life.
c-thru eiffel carbo bike prototypc-thru eiffel carbo bike prototypc-thru eiffel carbo bike prototypc-thru eiffel carbo bike prototyp

Internal cable routing was chosen to favor the clean lines of the frame. Additionally, the frame was designed to be equipped with the designers patented Saddle Assembly, this time bonded to a seat mast. Marrying the seat mast to my saddle assembly retained the ability to adjust the saddle height and position.
The weight of the frame is 1215 g (2.7 lbs).

Thanks to the space framed design, the frame is very stiff. At some point this blog will return to Brano Meres and get his impressions and experiences from riding this experimental prototype. This frame is not for sale.

c-thru eiffel carbo bike prototyp

c-thru eiffel carbo bike prototyp

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