Watch a short video from the trip in Oberwald.

How to combine cycling and hiking holiday into 1 weekend?

What if your partner doesn’t bike at all while you get withdrawal symptoms if removed from your bike for just a weekend? Well, if you are an early bird this can be easily solved in Oberwald, Switzerland.

DAY 1: Short hike at Grimselpass & Short ride to Furkapass

It should take you around 2 hours to drive to Grimselpass 2,165m from Zurich by car (of course, make sure the pass is open). Free parking. Up there, it is quite easy to find a hike of any distance.


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We spent a few hours only hiking up to Triebtenseewli. This was an easy, short hike…



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You can walk along a glacier. You can even return by road if you are short on time.


Grimselpass Hiking Map

However, you can do any other hike in the area. Just have a look at the picture of the map I took up there and pick one.

We arrived to the Sporthotel in Oberwald at the other side of Grimselpass around 3PM.


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The same day I went on a short bike ride up the Furkapass 2,429 metres and back, right after the arrival to the hotel.

DAY 2: Short ride up Grimsel pass and Furka pass & 6 Hours Hike

Next day you can go up Grimsel pass.

However, I still had some time – and since both passes start in the same vilage, I climbed Furka too right after the Grimsel Pass, all of that before the breakfast… so was just about ready for a long 6 hours hike starting right at the Sporthotel in Oberwald.

The weekend was pretty exhausting, I have to admit but it will definitely stay in my memories as an amazing trip!