Winter is Coming!

As the calendar prepares its next turn, I am preparing to switch bikes and gear. “Winter is coming”, that’s my mantra for all the work this entails. What does it entail? Well, a lot more than it used to. Fall in Bratislava Slovakia is well, short, and winter comes quickly thereafter. So I’m hanging up my cyclocross/randonneur bike -which in my opinion makes the best commuter type- and am tuning up an old Mtb for the rest of the commuting season. Season, you may ask?

The cyclocross/randonneur made the commute + after work training ride very easy. However as rideable daylight hours plummet here, I’ll save the wear and tear that a daily commute & training dole out on my principle steed and in exchange, have an urban assault vehicle, less prone to be stolen, and which suits racks and fenders. While I will miss the acceleration and speed of the road bike, I certainly won’t miss the paranoia of wondering if it’s still where I locked it.

The plan is to commute 4 days a week through Mid-December, then as the temps and wind -ooohhh the wind- allows. I’ll taper down and take the bus )-: