Who Are The Bikesteins?

3 bikesteins – bike fanatics got together to create this bike blog… soon with unique bikes and equipment to buy online…


Braňo Mereš

Brano Meres

Braňo “Bikestein” Mereš is one of the best bike builders in Central Europe. His bikes are pieces of art… he works with titanium, carbon and even bamboo… He has more patents in different industries but bikes are his true love. He even created the lightest seat in the world, axle-less hub, a frame made of a bamboo fiber or a carbon frame made with entirely new technology. Find more on his website bmedesign.eu. We are grateful to Brano for his excessive help in the process of completing our bamboo bikes.


James D. Shepperd a.k.a. Bike Baca

James D Shepperd Bike Baca

I am an expat American who has lived in Slovakia for 7 years. I am a regular bike commuter, and enjoy the great Mountain Biking in Western Slovakia. Road riding is becoming increasingly pleasant and viable…and it helps a lot when preparing for the very active Mtb race circut here.


Peter Kortvel

Peter Kortvel Bike

I believe that if everybody rode a bike to work our life would be much better. As a bike lover, I co-founded Bikestein.com to bring people knowledge and inspiration for their everyday bike challenges. From winning the world championships to going to work more often on a bike; all of us are trying to push our limits… As a youngster I used to train hard (I even become a champion of Slovakia), luckily, I wasn’t crazy enough to choose the hardest profession in the world 🙂 These days, you can find me commuting to work on a bike every morning or riding my road bike in Bratislava or Austria (and I am really missing some nice climbs here…). PS: The photo is from Tour de France – I loved it there! (I am in the middle). 


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