Why Should I Use Clip Pedals? Explained for Beginners

If you are a beginning cyclist you’ve probably noticed clipless pedals being used by many other cyclists. Perhaps you are even thinking about purchasing them. In my opinion, you should definitely go for them right now. Clipless pedals in combination with cycling shoes are very important for a rider to be able to use the most of their energy of a pedal stroke. It will take your biking experience from recreational to sport biking immediately and you will be even be able to burn more calories.

The fact is that normal pedals allow you to apply energy only while pushing down. However, your pedals and cranks force your feet to move in a circular way. It meens that without clipless pedals you’re not applying energy to the drivetrain about 1/3 of time of every pedal stroke. If you multiply this by 60-100 revolutions per minute… it means that there are huge losses adding up.

Why is only pushing down bad for you?

  • You are not able to keep up your speed
  • Your tempo is not so stable
  • You are using less muscles
  • You burn less calories
  • Your legs get tired much faster

How to Ride With Clip Pedals?

Along with a proper breathing technique, a proper circular pedal stroke can help you get much more of your training. Once you bike with clipless pedals you are not only limited to pushing down but can apply power through 360 degrees of rotation.

Can and Do…aren’t all that easy.

The next thing you should focus on is to apply your force circularly, for longer and longer periods of time. When you apply powerto the pedals, try to find the blind spots in your stroke. You will see that you are going faster and much more fluidly.

And don’t be afraid, using clip pedals is not dangerous. Taking your leg from off the pedal is very intuitive. However, make sure to learn how to unclip the pedals while holding a wall before you go for your first ride. I am much more uncertain when not having them because I feel that my feet can slip away.

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